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Got A Question?   Submit your bettas!   I've been a long time Betta fan and I decided to start this blog for just my personal love of the fish as well as to help the rest of the Tumblr community understand the care that goes into them. Any questions are more than happily answered! *I do not take credit for any of these photos and none of these pictures are mine (unless stated otherwise)*


So this is Jadyn, our female crowntail betta. I fell in absolute love with her because she was sooo spunky compared to all the other bettas there. And she’s still as spunky as ever. I’m not sure on her color, because it looks like she has the marbling gene, only time will tell!

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Dean’s exploring his new quarantine tank like ‘dafuq?’

And flaring at plants.

Gotta show ‘em who’s boss, amirite?

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Betta Tank Reviews



I’ve compiled a few reviews of some small betta tank kits, and added a few of my own!

So if you’re wondering which tank to buy next and which to avoid this may be helpful to you! I’ll add more as I get them, and you can message me if you have any reviews! I’ll include them in this post.

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sydney-freeman asked: Hi :) I finally got a betta yesterday and I'm having some trouble aquascaping. What are the dos and donts for Bettas? He's in a heated 5.5gallon with a sponge filter. I would love a more natural looking tank and am having troubles thinking of how to "hide" my filter and heater? Any tips would be appreciated :)!


Well you’ll want a good substrate, and betta’s (or at least mine) like a lot of floating plants and plants with bigger leaves. No sharp decorations that the can tear their fins on!

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3 Easy Steps to A Happy Lively Betta →



A cheap and easy favorite among softcore pet owners, the betta fish can make a perfect addition to any home. Known perhaps as well for their lethargy as their colors or attitudes, it’s a little known fact that not all bettas are inherently inactive. At their happiest…

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Anonymous asked: how come the betta you just reblogged is in with another fish?!



It’s actually a myth that bettas cannot be successfully kept with other fish. Often times, they can actually be very peaceful as long as you choose the right tankmates! There are a few rules, though, to keeping bettas in a community tank. Here’s what I consider the rules of betta tankmates to be:

  1. They cannot live with another betta (unless they are all females in a sorority of at least 4 or 5 in a large tank with plenty of hiding places)
  2. The smaller the fish, the better, but not to small to be eaten by the betta
  3. Tankmates must be non-aggressive community fish
  4. The less colorful the tankmate, the better, so shoot for darkly colored fish like black mollies
  5. The tank MUST be big enough to house all tankmates with plenty of hiding places in case one gets stressed out

So, in the case of the picture I reblogged, the male betta is in a tank with a molly. I assume there are other mollies in the tank as well, since they are community fish and prefer to live in groups. Mollies tend to be very peaceful, so they don’t pose any threat to harming the betta, and the betta likely doesn’t see the mollies as competition for the affection of any potential mate so it won’t pick a fight.

However, the molly in the picture is a bright yellow, which may or may not be working out so well. Bettas do much better living in a community tank with plain or darkly colored fish because they’re like “psh I’m way prettier than that guy there in the gray” and won’t feel like the other fish could steal away a lady fish from him.

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This weekend I spent some time to myself. I cleaned up my tanks and added a betta to my mature 5.5 gallon shrimp tank. He likes to look for the shrimps, but they’re too fast for him. I kinda don’t mind if he eats a few. My last betta never caught anything and eventually just ignored them.

I started up the yeast CO2 system again for the 5 gallon (not seen in the pics), and will be dosing ferts after I fix the water. I used to top off evaporated water with tap before I got a glass cover, so now the pH and the water hardness is all out of wack!

My 25g riparium is also looking pretty good. Gave the sub a good vacuuming and put a prefilter on the powerhead. The water is now crystal clear! The prefilter has a media basket which is perfect for biomedia. I never use carbon or any of that, the plants do all the work. Still need to work on my photography skills, especially on the big tank. I hope to get a tripod, soon.

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Banshees color change!!

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Project 52 // One month of progress.
Kept at 80F.
Flourish root tabs. No liquid ferts. No CO2.

Flora: Java fern & Java moss (both attached to driftwood), Amazon sword, Moneywort, Duckweed, Marimo moss ball, Radican Sword, Hygrophila polysperma & Mricosword.

Fauna: 6 female bettas, 5 cardinal tetras, 3 amano shrimp, 2 female guppies, 2 otos and 1 clown pleco.

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i need this fish in my life


i need this fish in my life

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Video Source

I wanted to see if this one site made decent gifs as photoshop on my computer keeps crashing…


Video Source

I wanted to see if this one site made decent gifs as photoshop on my computer keeps crashing…

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odysseus when I got him vs. him now {about three weeks}

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This is the betta fish I want to buy on Aquabid. He’s 60 bucks plus shipping, but he’s absolutely stunning and I’m thinking of just biting the bullet and buying him. 


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